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Dr.s' Hayden and Katie believe that as Chiropractors the most beneficial thing they can do for the health of their practice members is to analyze their spines, in order to find small misalignments or "subluxations" which cause a decrease in the flow of information from brain to body, eventually leading to dysfunction. Once these subluxations have been detected the chiropractor performs an adjustment in the proper segment of the spine, in the right direction, at the right time, in order to reduce the subluxation. Leading to the restoration of proper function.

The benefit to having a multi-doctor clinic is that each doctor has their own strengths. Dr. Hayden has an athletic frame that he believes is beneficial to him when adjusting even the most stubborn spines. In terms of Technique he uses what is often referred to as the "Palmer Package" a combination of full spine adjusting, and drop-table adjusting. He also utilizes Toggle-Recoil technique to perform upper cervical specific chiropractic adjustments. Upper cervical chiropractic is beneficial for migraines, anxiety, insomnia, vertigo, and many other conditions from the neck up. Dr. Katie has hundreds of hours of additional training in the Gonstead adjusting technique, she also prides herself in her ability to accommodate for even the most apprehensive practice members as she has many "light-force" techniques in her tool belt including activator technique, seated cervical adjustments, and drop-table adjustments.



At Klein Chiropractic we believe massage therapy and Chiropractic are a winning combination. While chiropractic addresses the spine and nervous system, massage therapy works to relax the musculature and unwind different patterns and knots you may have accumulated. We especially encourage massage therapy for our practice members who have recently been in a car accident or are prone to storing stress as muscle tension in their system. The different massage techniques we offer include: swedish/relaxation, TMJ massage, cupping, Gua Sha, prenatal massage, and many more!

X-Ray Results


Unless you are pregnant, under 3 years old, or have just recently gotten x-rays at a different location, Dr. Hayden or Dr. Katie are likely to suggest we take x-rays of your spine. There are 3 reasons we do this:
1. They help to rule out any underlying or congenital conditions that chiropractic may not be suited to help, such as tumors, fractures, or diseases of the bone or soft tissue. If we shoot x-rays and determine you are having an issue that is best resolved with a different provider we will be able to point you in the right direction. 
2. They will help determine the degree at which a subluxation or previous spinal injury has damaged your spine. X-rays reveal degeneration which can give us a clue as to how substantial a previous injury was or how long ago it occurred. This data also helps the doctors provide a more appropriate and accurate recommendation in terms of care plan as we will have a better idea of what it will take to help you meet your goals. 
3. In our practice we utilize x-rays to inform our adjustments. While chiropractors spend endless hours training our hands to feel whats going on, often times x-rays can reveal something different. We like to know we are adjusting the correct segment of the spine, and adjusting it into the correct direction. After your doctor takes your x-ray they will do measurements to see where subluxations have occured in your spine, and by how many milimeters the bone or pelvis has shifted so we know exactly which adjustment to perform.

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